New Beginnings

Been a long time. Weeks and months. Been working in secret. On DI Charlotte Savage and on other stuff too (Charlotte’s fine, by the way. Sends her regards. Says stick to the straight and narrow… or else). And yes, there will be another DI Savage, but as you may have guessed from the title this post is about something different.

The “something different” is a new series which will be published by Canelo. The first book, The Sanction, will be out on 23rd April. Here’s a cover reveal and a little about the book:

 Rebecca da Silva, former crack sniper in the British Special Forces stationed in Afghanistan, is languishing in a dead-end job.

Stephen Holm, an intelligence analyst, gambles his position upon the capture of the ruthless Taher, a terrorist so elusive that MI5 are not convinced he exists.

But then a deadly terror attack in Tunisia changes everything, setting them on two interconnected paths, one born of revenge, the other of obsession. How do you stop a terrorist you can’t find? Their discoveries, and fight for survival, will go to the very heart of power… To the White House.

The Sanction is book one of at least two in the Holm and da Silva thriller series and is somewhat of a change in genres for me. I’ve written six police procedurals and one stand alone psychological thriller; The Sanction is more of a espionage novel, but I’ve very much enjoyed writing it and you’ll find the style very similar to the DI Savage series. Watch this space for details of the second book. Meanwhile you can preorder The Sanction here.

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