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Date: 18 June 2014
Title: Update and New Cover!

Sorry I've not posted for quite some time. I've been up to my neck in the blood and guts of Tell Tale. For some reason finishing this book has been the hardest so far. I have all the words, the problem is they are in the wrong order! I have a deadline at the beginning of July and if the book is not finished it will be my blood and guts spilling everywhere. Yes, editors are dangerous people. I might have to move abroad and take up a new identity.

The only piece of news to report is that Touch is getting a new cover (ebook) so it matches the other books. Shame it can't be on the paperback, but there you go. The new cover is a wet and miserable scene which does nothing for Devon's tourist board... but that's the way I like 'em!

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Touch cover image

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