A Plan

A belated “Happy New Year” to all readers. 

So, my plan for this year. I’ve just handed my agent (well, she’s in New York, so not exactly “handed”…) the draft of my new book. Since self-publishing The Sum of All Sins, I’ve been working hard on completing a new thriller. Finally it’s done and should be hitting the desks of publishers soon. Hopefully it will find them in an acquisitive mood and keen to find the “next big thing”. If that is the case then this year I’ll likely be completing a sequel, once again on the rollercoaster ride that is the publishing calendar. The one downside to this is I won’t have very much time to write the next DI Savage novel, so I can see one or two of my readers down on their knees, praying this new book is slipped quietly into the waste bin. Because if the new book doesn’t sell then I will be writing the seventh Savage novel this year. 

Whatever happens, I’m not done with DI Savage yet. There’s life in the ol’ girl and plenty of serial killing scum to sweep off the streets. Not to mention the sub plots building: Kenny Fallon wants payback for what happened at the end of The Boneyard, Councillor Alec Jackman is still in the background, and Chief Constable Maria Heldon thinks Savage is a loose canon and wants her off the force. Then there’s Malcolm Kendwick’s body. Fallon said he disposed of it but how much care did he really take? I don’t usually do much planning when it comes to writing, but I have sketched an outline for book seven and I’m excited by it. I can say no more…

So, whether your year is planned out or not, let’s hope it turns out to be a good one.

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