About Time

It has been a long while since I posted anything on this blog. The period from September to the New Year flew by. Since the autumn is my least favourite time of the year, that was no bad thing. Now looking forward to spring and warmer times.

So what have I been up to? Mostly I’ve been finishing and tidying a stand alone novel which is set on Dartmoor and marks a departure from the Charlotte Savage series. The story is about a couple who move from London to a remote cottage on the moor. Needless to say the place turns out not to be quite as idyllic as they were expecting and murder and mayhem quickly sour their chocolate box cottage dream. The best I can categorise it is to say it’s psychological thriller meets rural noir. At the moment the book doesn’t have a home since Avon/HarperCollins weren’t interested in publishing it. Hopefully my agent can find a publisher, but if not I’ll be self-publishing it. The good news is that if I do decide to self-publish, the book will out in a few months time.

My second project has been centred round a series of books featuring a new female protagonist who becomes involved in shady dealings to do with state sponsored terrorism and arms dealing. Very much in the thriller genre, they’ll be for anyone who liked The Night Manager or enjoyed The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. As yet no date set for when the first book will be out – there remains a lot of work yet to do!

That’s it for the moment. My New Year’s resolution is to write more blog posts (so expect the next one near Christmas…).

Oh, and Happy New Year on this, supposedly, Blue Monday.

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