Kicking Away My Own Crutch

I’m working on a new book and it doesn’t feature DI Charlotte Savage. You heard, it doesn’t feature Charlotte Savage (but see footnote). Help. Help. HELP!

For six books Savage and I have ridden in the same squad car, heading towards the same crime scene. She drives, I ride shotgun, ready to pick off any nasty surprises which come our way. Squished together on the rear seat are DS Riley, DC Calter and DC Enders. As we hare down the twisting lanes those in the back chip in with helpful suggestions. There’s the occasional gag too. A constant presence on the radio or phone is Detective Superintendent Hardin. He’s always checking up on us, making sure we don’t cause too many unnecessary headlines. Behind us on the road comes John Layton in his battered Volvo with one of his CSI vans bringing up the rear. Dr Nesbit, the pathologist, arrives a little after everyone else, but then he’s a gentleman and all this running around isn’t really for him. Holding it together back at the station is DS Collier, the office manager who has to organise some sort of order from the chaos the rest of us produce. Should we require a little extra help, Inspector Frey is ready with the Force Support Group. They can kick down doors, bash heads, and generally play soldiers.

These people have been my constant companions for the past five years or so and the thought of sitting down at the computer without them alongside me is darn scary. And yet here I am. So wish me luck.

Footnote: DI Savage fans don’t despair. This isn’t the end for CS. I’m not done with her nor her with me. She will be back!

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