It’s been a long wait this time, but publication day for Two Evils is finally here! Thanks to everybody who has helped get the book out there. Thanks too if you’ve bought the book or intend to 😉

Publication day is always a strange one for most authors because they’ll normally be well into their next book. Same with me. I’m already head down and working hard on book six. About halfway through and, as is usual with me, I don’t have much in the way of plot (shush, don’t tell my editor or else she’ll want a five page synopsis and a chapter by chapter outline). Planning, as some may know, I don’t do, so I’m always pleased to see reviews which mention that ‘Sennen is the master of the twisty story.’ I think that’s only because I get totally lost on the way from A to B and end up going via X, Y and Z to get to the conclusion. Luckily, X, Y and Z turn out to be quite interesting destinations in their own right and well worth taking a diversion for.

Writing Two Evils was a bit like trying to discover a path through a Dartmoor mire, but luckily everything came together in the end via a rip-roaring final blast of murder and mayhem. As usual though, you the reader are the sole arbiter. All I can add is don’t forget your Satnav!



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