Back To Savage

So for the past couple of months I’ve been working on a stand-alone book, but today I returned to the Major Crimes suite at Crownhill police station to reacquaint myself with Charlotte and her colleagues. DC Enders was particularly sardonic as I entered the room: ‘Nice of you to make it in. It’s Friday tomorrow. One more day and you needn’t have bothered. You could have waited until after Christmas.’ DS Riley enquired if I’d seen some article in the Guardian that morning while DC Calter asked if I was going to join her in a new year fitness regime. ‘Running the half again,’ she said. ‘Could do with a training partner. If you’re up to it.’ I almost choked on the doughnut I was eating and said I’d think about joining her. I passed the rest of the bag to DI Davies who thanked me and then gave me a wink. ‘Three-thirty at Lingfield.’ Davies pulled a doughnut from the bag. ‘Stun Gun. A tenner each way. Buy me a drink if she comes in, OK?’ I nodded and went in search of DI Savage. In the corridor I stepped to one side to make room for DSupt Hardin. ‘Brown stuff, Sennen. Up to our bloody necks in the muck. I blame it on the lack of quality officers, do you hear me?’ The DSupt moved by and I scuttled along. I rapped on the door to DI Savage’s office. A woman’s voice beckoned me to enter. I opened the door. Charlotte Savage looked up from her screen. ‘DC Sennen,’ she said. ‘Where the bloody hell have you been for the past three months?’

To be continued…

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