What’s Next?

Ah, if only I knew! Being a writer is not dissimilar to being a freelance programmer – you never know what is round the corner. Except when I was a programmer projects would fall from the sky into my lap: manna from heaven, money from heaven. There were lean times but something usually turned up just as we were down to our last tin of baked beans. With writing you have to create your own work and it’s on spec. If your agent or publisher doesn’t like what you’ve done then you are in a spot of bother.

Charlotte Savage book number three – Cut Dead – is in the bag and is out in February. I have started on book four, but it may not be the next book to be completed. Currently I’m working on a stand alone novel titled The House on the Moor. It’s about a house on Dartmoor (the clue’s in the title!) and there’s murder, violence and a number of disturbing characters. Can’t tell you much more except the book may develop into a loosely linked series with books two and three being called The House by the Shore and The House in the Woods. It’s possible that none of these books will ever see the light of day – I’m very much feeling my way at the moment – it’s equally possible that the characters might jump ship and end up in a future CS novel.

For all Charlotte Savage fans who, to be honest, care not a jot about any standalones, don’t worry – book four will be along in early 2015.

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