Two Weeks

No, that’s not the title of my new movie script, nor the number of weeks until spring finally arrives. It’s the time left until the paperback of Touch is released. You should be able to find it on shelves of a number of well known supermarkets: Morrison’s and Asda (on the 11th April) and Tescos (from the 24th). It will also be available in WHSmiths and, to coin a phrase, all good bookshops (if your local bookshop doesn’t have it in then I’m sure they will be happy to order it for you). Finally, if you would like a copy delivered to your front door, it will of course be available from online retailers too.

OK, OK, so there are those of you out there who are only interested in the next book. It will be out in ebook form in July and 12th September for the paperback.

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