Good News re Book No. Two

When I made my little announcement of a deal with HarperCollins/Avon a few weeks ago I had to bring the disappointing news that the second book would not be published until 2014. Well, the good news is that the publication date has been brought forward. The paperback will be published on September 12th 2013 with the ebook out sometime in July (exact date to come). It’s still a way off but a lot better than 2014!

The true detectives amongst you will have noticed that I haven’t been referring to the book’s title. That’s because there’s a little, ah hum – shall we say debate? – about the best one going on. When I’ve decided what it’s to be I’ll let you know.

One consequence of the new publication date is a revised deadline for when I need to deliver the second book. All of which means I’m going to be editing over Christmas! Oh, well, it will beat watching cr*p TV!

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