Dusting Off

So I have been dusting off and old science fiction novel I wrote a few years ago. I thought that I would be shocked at how bad it was but it was the other way around. It was actually quite good. It had done the merry-go-round of agents but to no avail. I guess that put the scuppers on it in my mind. Of course this was before the rise of the ebook indie revolution and one thing I now realise is that we shouldn’t let those old-style gatekeepers (the agents and publishers) have the sole say on whether a book is good enough because they don’t necessarily know best. So… I am going to get it out there and see what the real people thing. Yes, I know, real people are kind of scary because they can write reviews and things (things? – well, they can email you and tell you how rubbish you are for one), but in the end if the real people don’t like you then you ain’t any good, are you? Ok, ok, so it isn’t always the cream that rises to the top, there are the occasional floaters as well. And I am not talking about those spots in your vision – I mean something rather more lavatorial in nature…

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